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Healthcare Financial Services, USA      

A Division of Account Services.

Healthcare Financial Services provides our clients with professional servicing of their early out and insurance accounts. As a division of Account Services we have a staff of professionals to handle your third party payor and self pay accounts. To date, our clients range from major hospitals systems to rural hospitals that need an extension of their business office. 

Healthcare Financial Services accepts patient accounts that have been denied, rejected, underpaid or unpaid by the insurance company and is available to perform appeals and follow-up activities to achieve appropriate reimbursement. These follow -up activities allow us to insure the continuity of the collection process for our client's accounts.

Healthcare Financial Services offers Payment Monitoring Services to our clients. This is accomplished via our state of the art predictive dialer or a telephone call from one of our highly trained representatives. Our representatives specialize in insuring that our clients continue to receive the monthly payments set up before the account was sent to our office for follow-up; or if needed are able to establish a monthly payment arrangement for our clients.

Key Services Provided by our staff:

  • Specializing in Electronic Filing.
  • Follow-up and Clean up of Insurance Claims.
  • Monthly Payment Monitoring of Slow Self Pay Accounts.
  • Follow up of Early Out Accounts on Patient Portion.
  • Reduce you number of FTE's by utilizing our highly trained staff of professionals.
  • All aspects of insurance billing can be handled by our staff, including appeals and the correction of claims.
  • Cost effective extension to your business office.
  • Extensive reporting mechanisms to keep our clients up to date regarding their accounts.



      Account Services, USA
      1802 N. E. Loop 410, Suite 400
      San Antonio, Texas 78217
      (210) 821-1200
      (800) 777-5102
      Healthcare Financial Services, USA
      1802 N. E. Loop 410, Suite 400
      San Antonio, Texas 78217
      (210) 821-1249
      (800) 460-1688

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